67.jpgKer-bloom! 67 & 68
Karen Switzer/Artnoose
5.5" x 4.25"
8 pages, Letterpress cover and inside, 2 color, stapled
Numbered editions of 483 (67) and 500 (68)

Longtime Bay Area resident and zine-maker Karen Switzer, A.K.A. Artnoose, moved to Pittsburgh. Issues 67 and 68 of her zine Ker-bloom! are titled "Why I Love the Bay Area..." and "...and Why I'm Leaving" respectively. In the first of these lovely little letter-pressed volumes, Switzer tells the story of building a life and a community, her love for the Bay Area and her thoughts on the concept of family. Then she goes on to talk about growing up, and figuring out ways to move forward with her work and her life, and leaving the Bay for Pittsburgh. Every issue of Ker-bloom! is a story about something going on in Switzer's life. They're like the best kind of short, late night conversations. You know, after you've been hanging around the party for ages and you and the person you're chatting with in the corner have finally gotten to the heart of the matter, the good stuff.

I bought these two issues of Ker-bloom! in San Francisco in a moment of Bay Area nostalgia and wistful feelings and am now in bed in my New York apartment reading them. Switzer is not the first person to bring the idea of moving to a cheaper smaller city to my attention, plenty of other pals have thought about it and then done it. Half of me has been like, "sure just go, you wuss" and the other half understands the need for cheaper rent, bigger spaces, etc. I wonder if I could pull it off. I feel so comfortable in New York, I can't imagine leaving but maybe a bigger, cheaper place would allow me to make more stuff. I don't know. The last time I lived outside of a major city, it was a bad scene. But then again, who's junior high school experience wasn't! These things are definitely on my mind lately.

Buy Ker-bloom! at Switzer's Etsy store, Microcosm, or your favorite zine store.

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