dead.jpegTuesday October 30: Writer, critic, interesting fellow Greil Marcus reads from his new book The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy in the American Voice at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. Go early, cruise the mag racks and then listen to Marcus talk about America, Twin Peaks, political speeches and Philip Roth. Barnes & Noble, 33 E 17th St. 7pm. Free.

Wednesday October 31: Happy Halloween! I always have a hard time deciding what to do on Halloween. Email list Nonsense NYC sums it up, "Halloween can be really shitty....Somehow it's become a major business too, with elaborate store-bought costumes turning everyone into pop culture jokes or slutty parodies: Last year we went out in Manhattan and it was pretty much a Boschian nightmare of naughty nurses, sexy cops, and drunk asshole vampires." So what do you do? If you've never been to the Halloween Parade, you should probably go check it out. This year's parade has a "Wings of Desire" theme. Let's see, you could go as an angel, a German, Peter Falk, a piece of the Berlin Wall? The parade starts at Spring St. and goes up 6th Ave. 7pm. Free. If you're not in the mood for that, I say make yourself a costume and go walk around looking for a party to crash. If you're in SF, I guess just stay home. What a drag.

OR Night of the Living Dead is playing at MOMA. 11 W. 53rd St., nr. Fifth Ave. 6pm and 8pm. $10.

Thursday November 1-Sunday November 4: Editions/Art Books Fair 2007. This year the E|AB celebrates their 10th anniversary by moving into The Tunnel in Chelsea. That space is huge. I can't wait to go look at all the books and items. Here is a full list of the many participants. The gala is on Thursday night, costs $50, and benefits P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center. The rest of the weekend the fair is open to the public for free. The Tunnel, New York, 261 11th Ave.

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