whowhat.JPGWho What Where When Why (I think I love you)
By Lex McQuilkin
Published by Candy Bandit
4.25" x 5.5", 44 pages
Black and white photocopy

When I lived in San Francisco, my friends and I used to read the Missed Connections ads in our weekly papers religiously. We'd have coffee and pour over the classifieds looking for the weirdest, creepiest, saddest, and most hilarious ads placed. We'd read the best out loud. Once in a while we found an ad about someone we knew. I don't know if this is a west coast pastime or just a hobby of the under/unemployed but I pretty much forgot about Missed Connections when I moved to New York. Looking at this zine I remember why I loved them so. Oakland-based artist Lex McQuilkin compiled a selection of favorites and illustrated them. Each page has an ad written out in McQuilkin's handwriting and an ink drawing. Most of the drawings work really well with their ads. They have heart, and I feel myself getting a connection of my own to the anonymous shy office workers, BART cruisers, interstate flirters, and lonely housewives looking for their connection in the weekly. The first print run of Who, What is sold out, but McQuilkin plans on reprinting this month and putting out a second issue. Contact her via Candy Bandit if you're interested.

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