August was a laaaaaazy month here at Print Fetish... we've also been on a tight budget, so the magazine/comic/book buying has been kept to a minimum (This problem would be solved if more people sent us free stuff!). We DO have some half written reviews lying around, so we'll try to get them out next week.

We are still looking for a European correspondent to review non-english mags and books, so we can present a more balanced picture of the print world–and have more posting of course. If you are interested, contact us.

Further Linkotacracy

This weekend is The 2nd Annual Brooklyn Book Festival, Sunday the 16th at the Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza. Check out readings and discussions from a variety of authors all day and peruse the books of nearly a 100 booksellers and publishers, big and small. It's outdoors on a cool day and all events are FREE. I like free.

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