New York Ghost, the hilarious, anonymously-penned PDF newsletter "you print out at work," is celebrating its first birthday today. Way to go, mysterious stranger! The Ghost, which mails out once a week, may contain one or more of the following: a poem, photograph, play, letter, interview, old diary entry. I've been receiving this odd little gem for a couple months now and I love it. Somtimes I get overwhelmed by the shear number of gossip sites and snarky news blogs and lolcats in the internet universe and am pleased that someone feels compelled to regularly send a nice smart pdf to break the monotony.

Printed Matter has a show up right now of the printed works of artist Aleksandra Mir. She made a series of publications called Living and Loving which are these in-depth biographies of people on the periphery of the art world (a CCA security guard, a daughter of art collectors, etc). Each one is a long interview with the subject broken up by pages of photographs from the subject's life. These, as well as some of her other publications, are available for download and sized at a nice 11x17 on her website. In the spirit of the New York Ghost, go ahead and print them out at work.

Portuguese magazine Cru-A has a new issue out and available for download on their site. As usual, it contains some good photography and articles I cannot read.

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