mudflapcover.jpgBack in ye olden days of my San Francisco life, I was totally in awe of these older punks who ran around town making zines, playing shows, riding bikes, drawing on stuff, and generally having a fantastic time. A bunch of them lived down near Toxic Gulf (a ratty old pier/park on the bay at the end of 24th Street where I spent much of my formative years) in a house with the address 666 Illinois. I thought that was rad. I cut school in the afternoons to have adventures of my own and sometimes I'd ride by bike down there to sit in the Muni graveyard. I always wondered what they were up to as I biked by. Greta Snider, editor of Mudflap and maker of films, was one of my favorites. She now teaches in the film program at SF State and her films have screened at places like the MOMA and Sundance. I recently got my scanner back from Mr. Mcginnis and spent the morning looking at Greta's back issues. The stories about drunk biking, Capp St. hoes, outdoor sex, and gardening/train hopping/swimming/bike trick how-tos are enthusiastic, helpful and hilarious but my favorites are the maps and diagrams. See a few examples after the jump...




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