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ifnbooks.jpgI had a crafty morning today. I woke up, looked around, and realized two terrible things: my favorite pants and belt both needed serious fixing and the last page in my current notebook had been used. I set to work and sewed up the pants, glued the belt, and made myself a new notebook with some leftover computer paper, cardboard, house paint and tape. Whew. Such crazy crafting inspired me to search around the internet for crafty websites, specifically those who might supply me with a better new notebook than the messy one I'd just slapped together. I found this preview of a documentary called Handmade Nation. Faythe Levine, the filmmaker behind the project, traveled all over the US interviewing over 50 indie crafty types—sewers, knitters, bookmakers, screenprinters, etc. They interview Breezy from Needles + Pens (we love them!) in SF, and someone from Dirt Palace in Providence. While watching, I discovered a little webshop called If'n Books and Marks. They make super nice handmade books and journals and albums. I'm going to get one. Handmade Nation is not totally finished and if you're interested in seeing the whole thing, help them out by buying something from their Etsy shop. Pictured above is If'n's Wood Buttonhole Stitch Photo Album.

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