screen.pngMr. Mcginnis and I have some poster ideas we've been kicking around for a while. Last week we got some silk screening stuff at a friend's sidewalk sale and took it as a sign that we should get moving on this project. I've been searching around for some helpful how-tos and found these:

This most thorough Silkscreen How-To in all the world from Fecal Face is good for doing multiple colors in the old school way. Lots of clear photos and description.

Craftgrrl's LiveJournal has a good tutorial for some quick and easy 1-color screen printing. This is a great way to get started.

Artist Shannon Gerard (her website is cute!) gives a thorough and amusing tutorial on Jim Munroe's Blog No Media Kings. With the help of the Virgin Mary and Spiderman, she shows us how to screen posters and t-shirts.

Make:Zine's Bre Pettis and's screenprinting expert Matt Stinchcomb's How to Screenprint T-shirts Weekend Projects podcast gives some helpful advice as well. And it's nice to be able to see them in action.

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