roundup3.jpgANP Quarterly's new issue has Phyllis Diller on the cover! Photographer Lisa Eisner shot Ms. Diller and her paintings. I imagine that's all I really need to say to get you to run out and find it. Just in case it's not... Also in the issue is pictures by amazing Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, with interview by Ed Templeton, nice big pictures of the choppy, weird work of Swedish artist Jockum Nordström, and cool math-y genius/artist Xylor Jane.

Me Magazine is always going around changing their whole design, even logo, based on the subject/guest editor of each issue. While I j'adore that about them, my personal tastes go for certain issues over others. This new brightly colored jam featuring rapper, performance artist, general hot freak extraordinaire Tara De Long is particularly pleasing to me. Jack Pierson took the photos featuring Tara and her team of geniuses, back-up dancers, pr sluts, and fashion collaborators and it looks like the shoot was fun. The party was also fun though I wish I'd gotten there in time for the whole show...

The Summer 2007 issue of Hamburger Eyes is a special music issue. I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for music photography though I'm not really sure why because most of it is a serious bore. In usual Hamburgular fashion, this issue is far from boring. It's packed with fabulous images from new names as well as the names you'd expect to see: Boogie, Ricky Powell, Alissa Anderson, Jim Jocoy, Ed Templeton, and many others.

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