Holy crap, it's hot out. At this rate I'm going to have to rethink my summer look—tight jeans just aren't working out in this heat. I'm at a newstand cafe thingy looking at stuff, guzzling iced coffees, and typing to you on a loaner laptop while mine gets a new hard drive (*sob*). Even with everything backed up and organized elsewhere, I couldn't help but feel some sense of loss as I signed the paper saying go ahead, delete everything. With temps reaching 90 today, my attention span has gone from short to ridiculous—I can't get through a whole music review, let alone a New Yorker article. Seriously, it's like a wet t-shirt contest out there.

In the spirit of scattered summer brains, here are links to some random things:

Sharp critique of annoying magazine Monocle by Rick Poynor in Eye Magazine. (via MagCulture)

My new ebay need: issues of wonderful old men's fashion magazine Gentry. This guy has some scanned bits of a few issues.

Conscientious: A pretty good fine art photography blog here by curator/scientist Jorg M Colberg. He co-curated a show that opened last week at Jen Bekman called A New American Portrait. Some good stuff in there. Go see it if you're around. Standouts include: Todd Hido and Benjamin Donaldson.

Salon article on McSweeney's money issues, the woes of other independent publishers, and how the internet may or may not be able to help.

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