33.jpgWriter, editor and Print Fetish interview subject Kate Schatz has a new book out. Rid of Me: A Story is the newest in Continuum's 33 1/3 series—each book takes on a single, seminal album, in this case P.J. Harvey's Rid of Me. From the SF Bay Guardian review, "The best musical covers occur when some kind of alchemy takes place. What starts out as an act of homage or repetition turns into revelation as the new version throws light on, say, the lyrical subtext or rhythmic potential that seem to have been hidden within the original. Kate Schatz magics a similar sort of transformation in her fictional cover — revolving around two outlaw-lovers, Mary and Kathleen — of PJ Harvey's 1993 album Rid of Me." Buy it at Amazon or at a cool bookstore near you.

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