roundup1.jpgOh my pervy stars! There's a new issue of Dirty Found out. More disturbing polaroids, creepy notes, cute love letters, sexy lists, boobs, ass, cock, and etc than you can shake a, um, stick at. As usual, John Waters says it perfectly: "Dirty Found is art-filth folk art that proves everybody's sex life is secretly touching."

This month's i-D is the ice cream issue and its full of ice cream, ice and cream and all the different things those words can mean. Also, there sure is a lot of Jeremy Scott going on here. Peaches and Devon Aoki and Marilyn Manson are in here. Also there's an interview with Lesley Arfin, the one who writes that great Dear Diary column in Vice. She has a Dear Diary book coming out this month.

Kasino A4's new double issue is looking at luxury. In two separate books, we see the bizarreness, the hollowness, the fun, the sex appeal, the boredom, and the fabulousness of luxury. Part 1 is called Rough Diamonds and is printed in black and white and a sumptuous metallic gold. Inside we have people playing dress up, renting fancy cars, getting weird spa treatments, the slogans of luxury goods hand written in the aforementioned sexy gold. Part 2 is titled Wasteland and is printed in black and white and light blue with a cold silver cover. This half focuses on the darker side of luxury: emptiness, death, poverty, injury, misery. What a great issue. And I'm pleased that it still smells the same.

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