Last night was a night for reminiscing, for telling old stories. I'm not sure what was in the air (maybe the rain?) but as I dropped by friend's parties to say hello, we had one conversation after another about the past. First was a first kiss story comparison and then a worst illness and accident contest. At the end of the night my friend Rachel told me a story about being 7 years old and drawing pictures of naked ladies in class with her best friend. They'd compare drawings, pick out the best ones and make them into little books. And then, they'd take their little creations and put them out in the world for others to find. Rachel talks about stalking around the grocery store with her mother and finally leaving one of hers in with the melons in the produce area. We sat around wondering who might have found it and what they thought. Too bad Dirty Found wasn't around back then. Another friend added pages of his own comics to school library books. I countered with my own story about the pornographic novel Denise and Janis and I wrote in 5th grade. It starred our Math, English and Science teachers. I'd write a chapter, then pass the whole thing to Denise who'd write the next and so on. When we were done, we bound it into a book and left it in the library. Boy do I wish I had that thing now. I wonder who found it and what they thought... Does anyone else have a story about early zine or book making?

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