Capricious #6


cap6.gifCapricious Magazine #6
New York and points beyond
7.75 x 10.5
full color, perforated pages

"Just Can't Get Enough" is the tagline for this new issue of Capricious. The party for it was at Union Pool and there were tacos and beer. I was out on a photoshoot and missed the fun, which is terrible because one of the things I just can't get enough of is free tacos. Jeez ok, before I go on a food tangent... This may be the best issue of Capricious yet. Overall I have a serious unsettled weird feeling looking at it. There are a lot of altered images here. I imagine these photographers in their bedrooms, armed with tape, scissors, computers, and their own bizarre brains, working out fantasy visions over ordinary scenes. It's hard for me to say what stands out because I love the issue as a whole... It's really well curated. You go, Caroline Niémant! Matthew Porter, Lilly McElroy, Martin Kollar, and Körner Union's bits are all aces if I had to pick a few to mention. So rush out and get this issue. Do it! Also, it comes with a compilation CD from Brooklyn music collective Voodoo Eros. Highlights on that include Jana Hunter, Metallic Falcons (CocoRosie metal band side project), and Quinn Walker (from The Suckers). FYI, other things I just can't get enough of are seltzer, pickles, the smell of ink and paper and markers, staring out of moving car windows, and the wearing of this grey t-shirt.

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