I'm on a road trip with my sister, The Ballerina, and for the next few posts I'll be talking about the stuff I find as we go. Right now we're in Tulsa, Oklahoma, setting for The Outsiders and home of Oral Roberts University, The Tulsa Ballet, a pretty good taco truck (I have my priorities straight), the seriously bizarre Dennie Willis museum of dolls, miniatures, trains and robots, and my new favorite bookstore: Gardner's Used Books and Comics. At 23,000 square feet, it's the most enormous used book store in the state of Oklahoma. For you New Yorkers who are used to calculating your bookstores in miles, it's about 4.3. So, wow. Gardners' Books. They have a huge comic book selection, mostly of the superhero variety. Without Mr. Mcginnis' expert advice on what to buy, I got overwhelmed and passed on the comics section. They have a 100 Greatest Mysteries of all Time Wall, which included many of my favorites. They also have the largest selection of train magazines and kung fu magazines I've ever seen in my life. Not sure where to begin, I picked authors names at random and looked for books. I found almost everything I looked for, including Love in a Cold Climate, Travels with my Aunt, The Thin Man, The Royal Family, and Spring Snow. When I bought this stack, I struck up a conversation with the schlubby guy behind the counter. He corrected my grammar and that made me totally happy. Gardners' Books also has a ton of sticker vending machines, a self-serve coffee bar, a tex mex restaurant and an income tax service. This place rules, I'm moving in!

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