outThe current issue of Another Man has a gorgeous cover - Nick Knight's photo of the luscious Ben Wishaw - soon to be seen in Todd Haynes's much anticipated Bob Dylan film, I'm Not There. Inside there are more photos of the sinewy young actor and a discussion between him and Sir Ian Mckellen. Art critic John Richardson writes about hanging out with Peggy Guggenheim in Venice (apparently the art world also has a casting couch), Jon Savage meditates on Sinatra and the creation of the teenager and David Dalton muses on the women men worship. Another Man is one of the few desirable Men's Fashion magazines. Outstanding photography and brilliant, inventive styling. Norbert Schoerner's and stylist Nicola Formichetti's spring fashion editorial of colorful, techno urban explorers is a standout.

Butt #19 is out. Interviews with non boring homosexuals like porn legend Joe Cage (director of such haaaaaaaht classics as LA Tool and Die), an incredibly disgusting guy from Amsterdam with a fetish for filth (I gagged, but was fascinated) and Francessco Vezzoli - artist and director of the Caligula trailer. Also premiering this issue is an autobiography feature. As always, hot guys and pink paper in the palm of your hand.

Cabinet is a superbly edited magazine, featuring truly great writing. It's sort of an art magazine - I'll be writing a general review eventually. The current issue is titled Insects, featuring essays on the title subject, an interview with entomologist and nature writer Jeffrey Lockwood and regular features like my favorite, the colors essay - this issue Alan Gilbert deals with brown.

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