Girl of My Dreams
200 pages, full color

Lula magazine is a newish British fashion magazine started by Becky Smith and Leith Clark, ex-Vogue people. I like it! Everything in it has such a great girly energy. They mix art and fashion stories well and I'm so psyched that they have so many illustrations. It's full of dreamy photo shoots which feature designers both major and small and thankfully has none of that annoying front of book round-up type of pandering to advertisers stuff that so many other girl-y mags fill up with. I like the way they package a story. For example, in issue #4, there's a big feature on tap dancing which includes a pull out poster with actress Zooey Deschanel demonstrating a tap dance she made up, a fashion illustration story accompanied by text from actress Michelle Williams about her love of tap dancing as a child, photos of girls tapping, and an essay about how all girls love tap dancing. I couldn't have given a crap about tap dancing as a kid and was only interested in skateboarding and book reading but the genuine sweetness and enthusiasm of this piece is contagious. At the end I'm like tap dancing is rad! The whole magazine is like that. It's beautiful. It's cute—and in a fun, exuberant kind of way, not in a cloying fakey sort of way. Flowers, fruit prints, lacy things, lots of sun, an office dog on the masthead, jewelry, sparkly things, and almost no boys anywhere. It gives me an excuse to get in touch with my inner girly-girl (I swear I have one!). Also in issue #4 is a story on Erin Fetherton's fairy princess-like collection shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. I like her. I also like the Sonia Rykiel headbands I saw in another story. So cool! I want them all. My only real complaint is the magazine is too white. Almost every story uses skinny white models and actresses.

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ooh your description has convinced me, i just ordered a copy, you make it sound magical, just my cuppa tea, do you know how often it comes out?

katie bishop:

this is one of my favorite 3 magazines and i don't normally like magazines. the other 2 are, cheap date and amelias magazine. both are packed full of cool creative stuff and let me into a more exciting world. god i miss art college! happy reading x k


Love the new magazine with Kirsten... Shes sooooo beautiful!

Loves it!!!!!!

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