Hello! School's out in a week and I'm a spazzy mess. I have to run back into the dark room, but before I do, here are some links:

Sneaky US Postal rate changes to impact independent magazine publishers. Magculture link. Search and Destroy link. Sign the petition to stop this!

The Fader magazine now downloadable via iTunes. Hm! Boicozine link.

Are you too glamourous for your own good? Then this show is for you. Foam of the Daze, the first show at Smith-Stewart gallery, explores the "destructive force of glamour." The name comes from L'Ecume des Jours, the cult Boris Vian novel about a tragic glamour overdose. Through May 20, 2007, at Smith-Stewart, NYC. www.smith-stewart.com. Link via V Magazine Blog.

I haven't the faintest idea what he's saying, but I'm pleased to announce that a fellow named Luis Mendo has started a Dutch magazine blog called BladBlog. And he linked us. Thanks Luis!

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Nothing to thank! Sorry I can't help you guys don't understand it. To be honest, I do not understand all the Dutch when they talk to me :)

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