outAce Jet 170 is the found print object blog of graphic designer Richard Weston. His taste leans toward mid-century minimalism and typography long before the advent of the computer. Especially gorgeous is his collection of three color pelican paper-backs.

Veronica is another magazine blogger (they seem to be popping up everywhere) who is incredibly enthusiastic over pretty magazines. Proof that young people still read print. Mag.Nificent is her blog, check it out.

Joel Kral's magazine collection on Flickr (via magculture).

Altweeklies is a site that "brings readers the best, most insightful, thought-provoking news and features published in the 126 papers that belong to the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies."

Vintage Ephemera has a marvelous collection of vintage labels, brochures, postcards, certificates and photos for sale pretty cheaply.

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