outThe April issue of The Believer features an interview with cartoonist and comics educator Scott McCloud by my pal and onetime editor and nemesis, Hillary Chute (a cute girl who is obsessed with comics - a rare creature). Also an interview with filmmaker Mira Nair and writings from Scott Browning and Janeane Garofalo of all people. Covers by Charles Burns as always.

Another sumptuous issue of Fantastic Man is out this month, featuring cover man and hotelier André Balazs. He's rich and can afford a fantastic suit - don't you wish your poor, sloppy ass could? Well, perhaps you can just buy the magazine instead and dream. The issue also features British photographer David Bailey and fashion designer Claude Montana. Flawless typography and sexy paper as always.

Girls Like Us, the ACTUALLY cool lesbian magazine features an interview with the only great singer in American indie-rock - The Gossip front lady Beth Ditto. As always the magazine interviews the most fascinating ladies of dykdom - and sexy lesbro photography that isn't gross. Well, I like looking.

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