outI only became a graphic designer because I wanted to make flyers. I didn't care about designing anything else. I collected them long before I collected magazines because they were free and easily stored. The ability a flyer has to make you keep it and look at it is what made me think about the power and art of design. Going through my big box of images, I notice that the flyers I still like best are all from New Orleans, near the beginning of Mac design - and mostly photocopied. I haven't picked up a flyer to add to my box since I lived in San Francisco (New Yorkers don't seem to care as much about having a cool flyer). After the jump, check out some of my favorites from New Orleans.



1992 or '93; New Orleans actually had a lot of good dance parties

1991 or '92; The best N.O band of the early 9o's

1993; Varla Jean Merman used to live in New Orleans

1997; an actual record used as a flyer

1994; this was my favorite party

1997; this was a flyer to promote queer cinema at the art house I worked at - yes I did it

1993; Flyer for Evil Nurse Sheila, a very cool N.O band

1996; Yes, The Hong Kong started in N.O - but back then they were more experimental




1997; a flyer I did as an art project for the show New Orleans Noir.

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