Time actually gets designed.

I don't care about arguing about "the end of print media." I'm still young - I still buy them. So do you. Newspapers SHOULD die though.

Everyone is talking about founder of Wallpaper Tyler Brûlé's new magazine Monocle like it's not only business relevant - but artistically and journalistically important. As though he's some kind of magazine Jesus sent down to save us from all the mundane print. Personally - I am totally disinterested. Wallpaper ceased being of note after it's first year, when issue by issue it became ever more a caricature of itself. Reading Monocles "concept" mission statement my initial reaction of boredom is vindicated - It's as though the opening paragraph from a business plan aimed at clueless investors had been copied and pasted. It's a completely vapid concept that doesn't actually say anything other than it will be great and smart for people who are bored with everything else. I'm afraid a "need for a new brand" is not enough. I'll be waiting for copy sighted in the trash before I get to this one.

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