flip7.jpgA couple hours after arriving here in Paris, instead of spending a lazy jet lagged afternoon eating croissants, we hopped on the metro to meet our friends at the Centre Pompidou. It turns out that wandering around staring at paintings is kind of the perfect thing to do when you're in a hazy daze. The place is enormous and they have this amazing library where all sorts of people were lined up outside smoking and making out (it's true) while waiting to get in and do their research. I heard a rumor there was a Pipilotti Rist projection on the square in front of the museum but we didn't see it and right now I can't find any information about it in English.

Anyway, the point of this post was to tell you about all the old magazines and things they have in their collection. I saw collections of MA, an avant-garde activist magazine started in Budapest in 1916 by the poet Lajos Kassák, Helhesten, a Danish art journal started by Situationist Asger Jorn, De Stijl, Stile Futurista, Het Overzicht, Art Aujourd'hui (so many beautiful covers!), Vouloir, Abstraction Creation Art Non Figuratif, Wendingen, and Futurismo. This site has a bit of info on some of the dada journals. Pardon my lack of links for these, I'm having a hard time finding anything. So instead, after the jump, I give you my photos of them. Some are behind glass so you get the added benefit of seeing my cute reflection.















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This was really good. The site design has always been top notch; here the imagery and text are too. Being jaded and bitter, I appreciate the expression of a sincere passion for the spirit of the place. Awesome photojournalism. Vive la France.

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