hb_colette_stinafisch.jpgEvery cool world traveller I spoke with before embarking on my maiden voyage across the Atlantic insisted I head straight to Colette. After a speedy jaunt through the hallowed and rosy butt cheek-filled halls of the Louvre, my friend and I went searching for Colette. We wandered for ages and had a moment of amusing awkwardness standing in front of the Commes des Garçons store before we found it. I'm glad we stuck it out though. What a cool store! There are Fabulous objects, perfumes, books, sunglasses, cds, and magazines everywhere. Lots of hot shoppers as well.

My friend was dying over some high waisted maroon satin shorts. I didn't catch who designed them but they were fierce. I couldn't look too closely at the clothes upstairs because my wee budget only allowed for some limited magazine purchasing, but what I saw was hot. Especially the shoes.

This year is Colette's 10th birthday and they've got 10 special edition items and events which mostly involve the number ten and the past, present and future of the store. From 10 toys in 1 to 10 parties in 1, there's a lot going on there this year.

10 Magazines in 1: A limited edition of 1000 copies of parts of 10 magazines who have helped shape the Colette store in some way since its inception in 1997. 20 pages from the March issues of 10 magazines are selected by each magazine editor especially for the “10 magazines” project. The assortment of titles include: Big (#64), Dazed & Confused (vol.II 47), Fantastic Man (#5), Huge (#33), i-D (#274) , Paradis (#2), Permanent Food (#15), Purple Fashion (#7), Self Service (#26), V (#45).

10 curators: Colette asked 10 curators to spotlight any artist they wished in any manner they chose on the walls of the store this month. My favorite was the Morrissey fan stuff. I've seen it in a book before and I love it.

This is the list of curators and artists:
Marie-Claude Beaud (Mudam) presents Stina Fisch.
Draft Magazine (Paul Cohen and John Spinks) present Julian Opie, Julian Brigin.
Jeffrey Deitch (Deitch Projects) presents Kehinde Wiley, Brad Kahlhamer, Swoon.
Stéphanie Moisdon & Eric Troncy (Frog magazine) presents Elaine Sturtevant.
Jamie O'Shea (Supertouch) presents Swoon, Eric Elms, KAWS, Pushead, Eric White,
Mark Dean Veca, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Tim Biskup, Kelsey Brookes, Louie
Cordero, Phil Frost, Ron English, Dave Ellis, Jose Parla.
Hans-Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery) presents Interview marathon with Rem
Koolhaas, design by Simon Brown.
Colette Olof (Foam) présente Bart Julius Peters.
Emma Reeves (formerly photographic director of Another/Another Man) presents Nick
Knight, Shoplifter, Alexis Marguerite Teplin, Peter Philips, Jack Flanagan, Fiona Banner,
Mauricio Guillen, Ernesto Caivano, Tom Gallant, Jenny van Sommers, Kez.
Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers/ANP Quarterly) presents « Viva Morrissey ! » by Jeaneen
Lund et Jessica Hundley
Payam Sharifi (essayist and lecturer at the RCA) presents « The past is becoming more
unpredictable than the future » by Kasia Korczak, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Max
Penson, Denis Simachev and Soody Sharifi.

Ok, now I'm off to C de G to catch a plane back to Nueva York! Au Revoir!

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Hey, I doubt you're looking for travel tips, you sound pretty sussed but it's always worth swinging by the Palais de Tokyo: http://www.palaisdetokyo.com/ It's been a little while since I was there but they had a very well stocked book and mag store at the time with carry bags designed by M/M Paris http://www.mmparis.com/

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