Cheap Date!


proof1-23.jpgMan, I don't know how I missed this. The hilarious and fabulous fashion/anti-fashion zine Cheap Date came out with a best of book last month and I'm going to rush out and get it at once. I do have a couple issues of it somewhere... I promise when I get an intern in here, I'll find and scan some of my misplaced zine collection for your viewing pleasure. But anyway, until then, you can pick up The Cheap Date Guide to Style at your good bookstore or here. This quote about Cheap Date magazine in Mark Pawson's zine reviews for Variant cracks me up and manages to sum up the feeling of the mag nicely: "The contents are just as varied and unpredictable as a junk shop or jumble sale. Interviews with people off the telly jostle with an eulogy to the Stylophone, celebrity pin-ups fight for space with Old Bangers. Editor Kira has assembled an ultra-eclectic gang of contributors, skip-scroungers, ketchup dispenser historians, ex-teenage Goths, dandies on the dole, Anti Consumerism Campaigners, Oxfam obsessives, crap collectors, zinesters, junk shop addicts, obsolete technology aficionados, inspired entrepreneurs, the fashion-victimised and assorted celebs."

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