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warhol_brillo.jpgHappy Andy Warhol Week! This Thursday is the 20th anniversary of Warhol's death and Factory Craze: A Week of Warhol at the Gershwin Hotel will be celebrating his life and work with events all week. Party promoter/curator Earl Dax went to the private opening ceremony yesterday and had this to say:

"The event was fabulously messy and filled with many off the cuff recollections. Robert Heide recalled Andy Warhol asking "When do you think Edie's going to commit suicide...? I hope she'll let us know, so we can film it," and Ultra Violet observed "The Factory was a like a multi-level marketing firm with no pay." Penny Arcade brought the room to a hush when she noted that "Warhol's greatest accomplishment was convincing the the art world that he was a painter when he really was an art director. You can see Andy Warhol's impact today because there's not a lot of art in art, but there's a lot of art in advertising."

A quick side note: I went to Penny Arcade's garage sale on my first day in New York and she gave me a fedora and told me some stories about the neighborhood. A list of events, including a panel discussion of Warhol's influence on publishing, is after the jump...

Writers on Warhol
Tuesday, February 20th
The Gershwin Hotel
Warhol Author’s Book Fair, 1-5p
Panel Discussion, 6-8p
7 East 27th Street

An author’s book fair, with authors discussing the Warhol era and signing their
books for attendees. Writers include Mary Woronov (Swimming Underground: My Years in the Warhol Factory), Ultra Violet (Famous for Fifteen Minutes) and Victor Bockris (Warhol: The Biography)

That evening, The New York Times’ John Leland will lead a panel discussion on the Warholian influence on publishing. Panelists include filmmaker Jonas Mekas, Paper Magazine Editor-in-Chief Carlo McCormick, Kenneth Goldsmith (I’ll be your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews) and Glenn O’Brien, former editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine.

Warhol & Film: From Underground to Above Ground
Wednesday, Feb. 21 - Thursday, Feb. 22
The Gershwin Hotel
7 East 27th Street

Film Festival:
9a Wed - 9a AM Thurs
Film Panel:
Wednesday, February 21, 6p - 8p

The Gershwin Hotel is hosting a 24 -hour film festival highlighting several of Warhol’s
early underground films as well as later theatrical works. Films scheduled include
Vinyl, Warhol’s interpretation of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange and the classic
Chelsea Girls, which Andrew Collins of Britain’s Radio Times recently called a
landmark in 20th century cinema and the inspiration for today’s reality TV.

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