Scam #5 1/2


hunts.jpgThere was a time when I used to be so psyched every time a new issue of Scam came out. When I was done reading the thick tome packed with gleefull and hilarious tales of corner punk shows, late night swimming, and other adventures I'd get a little sad knowing that it'd be a long time before the next one. Each issue was always full of good survival tips for the broke, bored, restless and fabulous. I'd almost forgotten about Iggy until the other day while Christmas shopping on Valencia St. with my mom I came across Scam #5 1/2: the Hunt's Donuts Story. It's a slim volume, especially by Scam's usual standards, that tells the story of the intersection of 20th and Mission and the old donut shop that once stood there. I used to be a fan and late night Hunt's donut customer myself--the best time to go was 4am for a warm glazed donut fresh from the oven. My family has also lived in the Mission since my grandfather was a kid. Iggy's entertaining and well researched little book tells the Hunt's story, which really is the story of the neighborhood itself.

Buy it here, punk!

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