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magcovers.jpgI love when magazines have guest editors, when they let a person or a collective curate the whole issue. Some of my favorite examples are: Big Magazine 15 by Bob Richardson had old and new photos by Bob, features on new designers he liked, photos by his son Terry Richardson, and old pics from Bob’s life, like a spread of him hanging out with a teenage Angelica Houston. The issue of A Magazine curated by Maison Martin Margiela had a white theme, began with this quote, "the past is what bonds us, the future leads us," and had pages by everyone who has ever collaborated in any way large or small with the fashion house.

Me10cover.jpgMe Magazine takes this concept to the next level of radness, I think. The look of each issue, even the logo on the cover, changes completely according to the guest editor, who is also the cover star. The main editor, former design director at Index Claudia Wu, chooses a person to feature based, I assume, on the magazine's personal taste of who is interesting and not on what press releases they’ve been getting. Past guest editors have included Hisham Bharoocha, Rivington Arms gallery, Keren Ann, and the movie Half Nelson. Each issue has the guest editor interviewing their friends and colleagues who are all interesting in their own right. The interviews are a mix of what the interviewee thinks of the guest editor and what the interviewee is up to these days. They mix in photos of the guest editor’s life as well as one of my favorite things, a photo of their bathroom cabinet. I love that.

The new issue of Me Magazine is out now and has singer/actor Anthony Roth Costanzo on the cover. Go get it at good bookstores or directly from the magazine’s site.

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