flip7.jpgOooh! This is cool. I just got an email for an opening tonight of The International Flip Book Festival at Secret Project Robot. The show is presented by Little Cakes, a small East Village gallery in the front of artists Hanna Fushihara Aron and David Aron's ground floor apartment. The show is up from January 18th to February 11th, 2007 and is at SECRET PROJECT ROBOT, 210 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211. And the opening is Thursday, January 18th from 7 to 10pm.

Artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright, a member of Space 1026 in Philadelphia, started The International Flip Book Festival four years ago as a film festival without the film. The flipbooks are submitted into one of four categories: Live Action, Animation, Experimental, and Documentary. Like a traditional film festival, The International Flipbook Festival will be awarding prizes in each category at the opening reception. Go check it out. They're also going to serve sweet treats like cupcakes!

A full list of participating artists after the jump!

Participating artists:
Erika Adams, Jenna Adams, Scott Douglas Blake, Jill Blagsvedt, Sebastian
Bodirsky, Nicolas Booth, Kyle Bravo, Robert Brown, Jen Bulthuis, Joanne
Burke, Bruce Busby, Kelly Coats, Martin Collins, Eva De Leener, Stephanie
Diamond, Andrea Dietz, Jessamy Dipper, Alex Dunbar, Brielle Duym, Stefan
Endewardt, M. Kayvan Gahrahmat, Scott Gelber, Michael Gerkovich, Samantha
Gerlach, Paul Gowland, Sergio Grimaldi, Tim Hailey, Erica Halliday, Lydia
Hamann, James Hare, Libby Hartle, Katja Von Helldorff, Robert Hengeveld &
Jen Hutton, Saúl Hernàndez, Jason Hsu, Stuart Hughes, James Hutchinson,
Mikhail Iliatov, Lana Kim & Saelee Oh, Selena Kimball, Tyler Kline,
Annette Knol, Crystal Kovacs, Stan Krzyzanowski, Victoria Long, Clare
Iltis, Cybele Lyle, Victoria Long, Sara MacKillop, Harriet Malcolm,
Frankie Martin, Jason Miers, Jason Monburg, Barb Moore, Josly Newman,
Louise Nixon, Pauline Noyes, Austin Nunn, Sally Oviatt, Peter Pezzimenti,
Andrew Pierce, Gene Pittman, Matt Pollard, Topsy Qur'et, Aubrey Reeves,
Jodi Rice, Angela Richards, Stephanie Richards, Joyce Ryckman, Annette
Rnol, Sabrina Russo, Joyce Ryckman, Ruth Scott, Nathalie Shepherd, Lance
Simmons, Jennifer Stark, Julia Taylor, Kristen Thiele, Celeste Toogood,
Kelly Turso, Tom Virgin, Catherine Wang, Phillip Warnell, Patrick
Williams, Simon Woolham, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Lisa Young, Miriam Greenleaf-Miller and Ruth Young.

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