Craphound #6


craphound6.jpgCraphound #6
Show & Tell Press
104 pages
Full size
B/W offset inside, color cover

I love Craphound. I can look at it for hours. Each issue has a theme and contains pages packed with scanned images culled from catalogues, obscure books, ads, and who knows where else. This one is about death, telephones, and scissors. The last one was hands, hearts, and eyes. Take a close look, savor it. It's smart, funny, hypnotic, and if you're into that sort of thing, full of tattoo ideas! Chloe from Reading Frenzy in Portland is now publishing Craphound and I hear issue 7 is in the works. The theme: Church and State.

Buy it at arty bookstores, or from Reading Frenzy, or Atomic Books.

For more information about Craphound and Sean Tejaratchi, check out this long review/interview in PingMag.

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