coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpgComing Out The Front Door for The Ninth Ward
By Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club
Published By The Neighborhood Story Project
8'' x 9'', 248 pages

A "social and pleasure club" in N.O is a small "krewe" that marches through the neighborhood for special occasions or just to create a random joyous occasion. Actually, all the social and cultural implications that a krewe embodies is far too engaging and complex to go into here... fortunately The Neighborhood Story Project in New Orleans has published a collection of stories from the members of The Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club who lived in the Ninth Ward, specifically the Desire Housing Projects. The Book, Coming Out The Front Door for The Ninth Ward, details the members lives in the year after hurricane Katrina. This tremendous work is an essential reminder of the cultural power and beauty of New Orleans.

Buy the book at The Neighborhood Story Project's site.

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