Good morning, and welcome to Print Fetish. My name is Sarah Forbes Keough and I'll be one of your editors. We stayed up all night getting the site ready to go and I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm sitting here reading US Weekly and drinking a soda. It's a rare moment, but strangely soothing this early in the morning. So this blog. I'm excited to share my magazine obsession with the world at large—to wax poetic about lil mini zines found behind shelves in bookstores, to point out and giggle over the embarrassing and unfortunate choices made by glossies, to talk about the craft of making books, magazines, and works of print art. So yeah... Let's get started.

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Congrats guys!

I'm subscribing and bookmarkin' yer asses.

You feel that on your ass?
That's right.. I just bookmarked it.

Mz. Rayholio:

You guys are geniuses. baby geniuses. i luv it I love it I lahhhv it. moi ha ha.

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