Whew - we're starting our second week! God. Apparently we love the gays... and the Germans. I hadn't even noticed, but I guess it's true. People are starting to notice, but what we're REALLY waiting for is hate mail and endless ranty comments. Please accommodate us.

One of my inspirations for this blog is the legendary Factsheet 5, a 'zine that had an incredible listing of 'zines, alternative mags and books, that ran through the 80's and 90's. Before the internet, Factsheet 5 informed an incredibly diverse group of creative people all around the country about each other. It wasn't about profit or networking - it was about community. Factsheet 5 disappeared in 1998 - the same year I got my first email address, started reading peoples personal websites, and started thinking bigger (making money, full color) about publishing. But now I'm thinking bigger AND smaller all at once and am thrilled by the announcement on the Factsheet 5 website that it will re-launch in 2006. But wait, the year is almost up! Let's hope we hear more soon.

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