Psychic Soviet


psychic.jpgIan Svenonius
The Psychic Soviet
300 pages

This book is nuts. I just picked it up yesterday and, I confess, I'm not quite finished with it but I'll talk about it anyway. I bought it because I've read some of Ian Svenonius' writing in Index before and was also a total fan of Nation of Ulysses and a mostly fan of The Make-Up, PLUS the book has a durable, all weather, pink plastic cover that smells really good.

Let me say it again, this book is nuts. In the intro, Svenonius says, "This volume should clear up much of the confusion regaring events of the last millenium—artistic, geo-political, philisophical, et. al." And a reader from Amazon says in her review, "Vampirism, vodka and dialectical materialism are stimulating topics, but this set of essays reads like a half-baked dissertation written by a precocious over-medicated narcissist. Often verbose and incomprehensible--I highly recommend it." So far I am in agreement. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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this book is amazing.
cryptically beautiful, this book hints at all the things you wonder about, but never voice. like a punk rock conspiracy theorist, he lances himself as he lances the world and its culture. all of it is bogus, but yet the truth rings out through the falsehood. and that is the POINT. logic and mathematics and philosophy have their place in deciding what is nonsense in a Wittgensteinian sense, but u must learn the rules to break them, and Ian S has learned them well. hell he wrote most of them before even He understood them or was even aware of them. i have never listened to his music, but i'm sure it is as crass and humorous as this little pink cook book.
we live in a little pink world.
the basic message of this particular book:
critique and examine everything.
believe nothing.
then believe everything.
contact me for more detailed analysis.

go buy Nation of Ulysses' Plays Pretty for Baby.

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