We crush on a lot of magazines, but we can't afford to buy all of them all the time. The magazines we love in our side-links are the magazines we try to get as often as possible. All this week we'll be focusing on them (like the bit on Capricious below), and around the first of the month we'll give you a heads up on what's going on with their current issues.

Acne Paper focuses on the relationship between mentor and protégé, in which renowned British photographer Snowdon portrays the people of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - $7.99

ANP Quarterly has beautiful 80's skater kid photos and profiles graphic designer and illustrator Geoff McFetridge - free

Arthur Magazine is starting to improve with its best designed issue yet; profile on Joanna Newsom; comic book genius and mage Alan Moore muses on pornography - free

The Believer's Jan/Feb is the The 2006 Visual Issue, with essays on Ralph Eugene Meatyard, an interview with Matthew Barney and a conversation with Steven Heller - $10

Butt has a new book out as well as a new issue; interviews with John Cameron Mitchell, porn director and cheek sucker Michael Lucas and the biennial Casey Spooner Interview; hot and hilarious photos of furry chested country boy Jason Whipple by Miguel Villalobos

Fantastic Man, though beautiful, troubles us with the inclusion of a Bruce Webber (shudder) photo spread and story on Helmut Lang (that part doesn't trouble us), but we forgive them because of a rare interview with elusive The Fall front-man, Mark E. Smith. There are also very gay (in a good way) mustache and man-bag photo spreads. $19.99 (very worth it)

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