Doing Bird is an art/fashion/music magazine. A wicked overdone combo that usually makes me yawn endlessly is covered very well here by smart Australians. Issue #11 is out now and has Cate Blanchett photographed by Terry Richardson on the cover. A Terry Richardson cover shot of an actor—how original and smart, you quip! But wait, JD Samson, Bat For Lashes, Jana Hunter, TK Webb, and Isa Genzken are also in there. Their site is under construction, so go look at their myspace.

Found Magazine is riveting. They print regular Found and Dirty Found each once a year and have also published a few books. When I get one, I can't put it down. Something about looking through other peoples' images, notes, letters, drawings, I can't get enough. A new issue hasn't come out in a while but check their website for news, touring information (they travel around and do presentations/shows), and the find of the day. $5 +S/H

Hamburger Eyes is a black and white photography magazine from San Francisco. All kinds of people from all over the place have photos in there. From cool kids like Tim Barber and Ed Templeton to various randoms and it's all mashed up together in full page borderless bleeding glory. $5

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