Last night I was making dinner at my house when I got a phone call about the LTTR issue #5 release party and show in progress around the corner. I shoved the few remaining brussel sprouts in my mouth, grabbed my camera, and ran over. Unfortch, I missed most of the entertainment, walking in during the last act: two cute kids singing a bad cover of U Got It Bad.

Positively Nasty, the 5th issue of queer feminist art journal LTTR, looks fantastic. Thick brown cardstock cover, spiral-bound, a plastic pouch of stuff inside. I'll write more about it once I actually get a copy and read it. The party was fun, but I wish I'd gotten there earlier. Was anyone else there? If you got there on time, tell us what we missed in the comments.

More photos after the jump...

One of the boys singing U Got It Bad.

This room is for people to paint in. There are cups with water and paint and brushes attached to the wall.

Aisha Burnes was cutting the pyramids out of dollar bills and replacing them with pink triangles for anyone who wanted to gay up their money.

LTTR editor K8 Hardy sporting a nice silver grill.


Somebody loves me!

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