Nur Hauptlinge Und Keine Indianer
Linus Bill
Black and white photocopy/stapled
8.5 x 5.5 in

Ok, I have no idea what that means. And our resident German left her phone on the back of the toilet this morning. I’ll let you know when I find out. I bought this because there’s a photograph of a tough looking fellow in a homemade dress and tights on the cover. He’s staring very evenly at the camera but his pose is sweet—hands in lap, legs crossed. Following inside are what appear to be some drunk Germans with their pants half off hanging around Hamburg. The photos are pleasant enough and there are a few stand-outs. My advice: Pay attention to the odd details, they make the pictures.

You can buy this at Printed Matter or you can buy another book of his called Piss Down My Back And Tell Me It's Raining here. Good title, Linus!

AND I just came across this selection of a ton of awesome looking German zines at Telefon Til Chefen. Since my German skills are powerfully lacking, I have no idea if you can buy these from the site or not. I did find some at Hamburger Eyes' Photographic Institute of Epicness. Even without an online shop, there's plenty of cool stuff to look at on their site.

UPDATE: haha. ok, the German finally came home and was like dude, that second site is Danish! Ooops. But anyway. She said it's a gallery and they have a lot of books and zines. So enjoy.

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