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Yes... I have a problem. I spend a lot of money on magazines. I fetishize them. I don't throw them away EVER. They become furniture and decoration. I could probably afford that operation if I gave them up. I keep all my receipts and add them up for tax season - it's truly disturbing. I have an excuse, I'm a designer - so "I have to keep up to date." Yeah. Well, now I have another excuse to write off my purchases... this blog. I can now spread the word on all the hidden treasures I love, and have a soapbox to debunk the supposed quality and slickness of some of the better selling magazines. I don't care about mainstream versus underground, or any outmoded dichotomies. I do care about the glut of crass consumerism and the current obsession with celebrity gossip thats creating landfills. So I'll try to inform you about work that is simply superb, wether it's big time or DIY. Buy art!

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