dirtyhands.jpgDirty Hands, A Group Print Show
Cinders Gallery
Brooklyn, NY
December 13-January 11, 2006

Ralph and I wandered around Thursday night drinking coffee and looking in bookstores. We ended the evening at Cinders Gallery on Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg. Cinders is a gallery which doubles as a store selling affordable and sometimes wearable art (from silk screen prints to handmade scarves). The Dirty Hands Show was opening that night and was full of new work by artists who make prints. From what I could tell most of the work was silkscreen stuff. Some of the show's stand-outs are: Julian Langendorff's etchings, the Bongout silkscreens, Marc Bell's etching and watercolors, and Ryan Jacob Smith's silkscreens.

Photos of the gallery after the jump...





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