Christina and Charles
By Austin English
Published by Sparkplug Comic Books
6" x 9" ; 76 pages
full color

Austin English's delightfully Art Brut (though, lets face it - outsider art isn't really outsider anymore) comic is a character study of Christina and Charles, two teenagers who might be friends if they actually met. Being overly illustrative can often hinder the emotional impact of comics - and English proves the effectiveness of simplicity. The childlike cover was a bold shock on the comic rack and caught my eye immediately. His "let's just get to it" story and art is immediate and lovely. The main characters stand before us telling us of blase events in much the same fashion as a teenager in life. Christina's words particularly seem as real and as well chosen as any of Enid and Rebecca's dialogue in Ghost World. Gorgeous Stuff.

Buy it at better comic stores or at Sparkplug Comics

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