Butt Magazine


Butt Magazine
6.4 x 9.2 in, 76 pages
Black and white on pink paper

Not to sound too cool for school, but I've been into Butt since the beginning, though it's really caught on in the last two years, creating a hot-homo cultural explosion. Butt comes out of Amsterdam and is printed in black and white on pink matte paper utilizing a basic grid layout and only two fonts. This one-handed (heh) sized mag features interviews with famous, sub-famous homos and homos that aren’t particularly famous that the editors Gert and Jop find interesting, such as Dutch florist, ex-farmer Nard Weigmans (featured in Butt # 9). There are usually nude or partially nude photos of the cover star and photos and stories sent in from readers. The photo editing is impeccable – sexy, natural and sometimes playful. The photography has a documentary feel, but with contributors such as Wolfgang Tillmans and Andreas Larsson, its subjects are always presented with affection, fascination and often, humor. The interviews are warm and friendly, conveying a sense of personal familiarity and community, even and especially when they are dirty. When I open an issue of Butt - everything is right with the world. the ONLY magazine I NEVER miss buying.

The Butt boys, Gert and Jop, were in New York this past weekend for a book signing for their new book on the best from the first 5 years of Butt, and for a party at a questionable Manhattan (not in the good way) establishment. I went there for the most Butt of reasons, to check out and meet a cute boy. Each time they come to NY, the parties get more crowded as the tacky gays catch on - but it's still safe to say that Butt is an arbiter of cool.

Issue #18, with one of my current crushes on the cover, should be showing up anytime in better magazine stores as well as American Apparel stores all over the world.

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