Big Questions


Big Questions
By Anders Nilsen
Published By Drawn and Quarterly
7" X 9" 48 pages
Full color cover, black and white inside

Big Questions by Anders Nilsen undoubtedly has the most beautiful covers of any comic out right now. The design is economical, yet completely romantic. Nilsen's drawing, elegant and simple, tells the story extremely effectively, even when there is little dialogue. The story focuses on a group of birds in a forest caught up in religious conundrums when a jet plane crashes into the house of the old woman who had fed them and kills her. They mistake the plane as some sort of great bird, and a grenade from it's wreckage as an egg. Big Questions is a children's book for adults, with shades of Watership Down, Winnie the Pooh and the Little Prince.

Issue #9 is out now in which the birds defend the sacred explosion site from scavenging crows and predators philosophize. Buy it at your favorite comic shop or order it from Quimby's - who also have certain back issues.

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