Last Wednesday Mr. Mcginnis and I sold some items and enjoyed the eggnog at Melanie Flood Projects' holiday party and zine sale. Melanie's home/gallery is so lovely and warm. We had a good time, sold a few things, met some nice people and made some trades. As you know, the latter means new reviews to come! We've been posting lightly this winter due to busy-ness and other projects but we'll be back like crazy in 2009. In the meantime, happy holidays!

Looking at our Mid Afternoon book

Breanne Trammel and Peter Segerstrom

Breanne Trammel's prints

The table of stuff

The artists at the show and their websites:
Amy Stein
Breanne Trammel
Esopus Magazine
David Horvitz
Geoffrey Ellis/SadKids
Hana Tanimura
Jason Fulford
Jason Polan
Luke Ramsey/Islands Fold
Mikael Kennedy
Peter Segerstrom
R&S Media
Ryan Foerster
Vincent Dermody
Whprwhil Records

Check them out, buy their work, and carry it around in a Print Fetish tote bag.

Ms. Keough and I helped organize this party and book sale tonight at Melanie Flood Projects, a gallery space at Melanie's awesome Brooklyn Home. Creators will be there selling their limited edition artist books, zines and magazines - everything under $50. Of course you don't HAVE to buy something, you can browse and maybe meet us if you're lucky.

biopsy2.jpgChris Morgan's and Drew Needham's little newsprint zine Biopsy claims it is America's last magazine, and after reading the latest issue of Rolling Stone, I'm inclined to believe them. I haven't read the latest issue yet (it's teetering on my stack) but I'm intrigued by the list of articles defending questionable activities. In any event, if you email Mr. Morgan, he'll send you a copy for free, so what do you have to lose?

joshcover.jpgThe Josh is the latest sexy homo digest, a genre I'm frankly growing tired of since most are no where as good as the magazine that inspires them, Butt. The Josh however shows promise because of well chosen illustrators (most notably Logan MacDonald) rather than the typical dull attempts at naked homo photography (although there is that here too). I'll be following them.

It's always lovely to rediscover that people can still come up with seemingly obvious, practical, simple and attractive design solutions - such as the Lili Light, a cute bentwood bookshelf, reading light and bookmark all in one. When you place an open book on the self, the light turns off, when you pick it up it turns back on!

Available for 99 € at the Lili Light website.

Random Linkinky


I find this article about the differences between US and British editorial methods cute, but also useful - as I'm sure creatives will be leaving the United States for work in increasing numbers.

There is no one more fierce than Grace Jones - I mean, that is as far as the concept of fierce even goes. CR looks into Tom Hingston Studio's (frequent Nick Knight collaborators) work on her new album artwork which involves Grace working in a chocolate factory, inspecting an assembly line of chocolate molded from her body parts.

Flikcr Finds: Ilovecoffeeyesido's vintage christmas card and wrapping paper collection

Get Out!



Thursday December 11: Pat Place--guitarist for the Bush Tetras and former member of the Contortions--has an opening Thursday at Jane Kim/Thrust Projects. The End, 1981 - Infinity presents a selection of photographs from an archive of over 1,000 prints of end titles from movies on television. Place shot the images directly from the TV screen during a collaboration with writer Linda Yablonsky that began in 1981. Thrust Projects, 114 Bowery #301. 6-8pm. (Above image from Place's invitation.)

Also Thursday: A reception for the very cool Journal of Popular Noise at Printed Matter. 195 10th Ave. 5-7pm.

Friday December 12: Marcel Dzama signs copies of his new book Even the Ghost of the Past at his solo show of same name at David Zwirner gallery. Spike Jonze, who interviewed Dzama in the book, will also be present. 525 W 19th St. 5-7pm.

Saturday December 13: Ryan McGinness will be signing advanced copies of his new book, No Sin/No Future, at Zakka in DUMBO. The book is a collection of snapshots, sketches and scans from the artist's studio archives. 155 Plymouth St. Brooklyn. 7pm.


Girls Like Us #8 has DJ/Hercules and Love Affair singer/jewelry maker/always amazing haircut haver Kim Ann Foxman on its cover. She and various balls were photographed by Melanie Bonajo and Anne De Vries. Gaze upon their amusing and sexy centerfold:


The interviews in this issue are particularly good--sexy, funny, educational! We get stories about the Beijing art scene from DJ and curator Pauline Doutreluingne, the women's movement and a life story from political scientist Marjan Sax, sex and food from chef Kanki Fernandez, and more.

From Melanie Bonajo's Fumble in the Jungle in GLU #8.

Ever since Mr. Mcginnis told me Ms. Grace Jones would be gracing the cover of this issue of Dazed & Confused, I've been waiting impatiently to rush out and buy it. And may I just say OMG. Chris Cunningham's photographic collaboration with Jones is weird and wonderful. A sample:


You can see some more images on Dazed Digital. This is the "Art Without Limits" issue and inside curators and artists take over. They, including Gillian Wearing, Terence Koh and Agathe Snow, celebrate Maison Martin Margiela's 20th birthday by interpreting its current collection in interesting ways. Also in there: curators Kathy Grayson and Paul Peroni, Hanna Liden photographing Gang Gang Dance, David Altmejd, Steve McQueen's horrifying/riveting feature film Hunger, and tons more. This is a pretty great issue.

Gillian Wearing's interpretation of Martin Margiela's current couture collection from Dazed & Confused Vol II, #67.

I love reading each issue of Cabinet Magazine in its entirety. And as a total spazzer, that is rare for me. This issue's theme is shame and everyone's favorite genital obscurer, the fig leaf, adorns the cover. On page 4 they have an amazing alternate cover image from a 1986 calendar featuring rats in anthropomorphic poses. This particular image is a white rat as Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Despite being a rat, she is still shameful of her "business" and without clothing or convenient hair, our rat venus covers up with her tail. Essay topics include Ruth Benedict's The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Adam and Eve, the disapproving gaze of the Other, gross things we can't tell anyone but our physicians, and so much more.

Various painted genital coverings from Alan Jacobs' Adam and Eve essay in Cabinet #31.

M/M (Paris) are one of my favorites... they don't define themselves specifically as designers, photographers, artists or illustrators or whatever, they just create. Check out this interview at PingMag

Flickr Finds: Duckage's Rock Poster collection

Hey, New Orleans is a city (despite Jim Jarmusch's scenes of OPP in the swamp) - people do stuff there besides drinking, practicing voodoo and being the subjects of more spooky songs than any other city in the world. This weekend is The 7th Annual New Orleans Bookfair, The New Orleans Fringe Festival AND North America's BIGGEST ever contemporary art biennial, Prospect 1 (although snooty New York and LA artists, names withheld, not only don't know about it, but question if I'm telling the truth - but still don't google it) is continuing through December.

The 7th Annual New Orleans Bookfair

Saturday, November 15th 2008
New Orleans. LA
500 & 600 Blocks on Frenchman Street

Continue Reading New Orleans: STILL alive and Printing

letterscover.jpgLetters to a Young Artist
Darte Publishing/Art on Paper
96 pages, Color cover/BW inside

A painter friend of mine came by to discuss a project/eat dinner and left me this pocket-sized book for dessert. Letters to a Young Artist started as a special issue of Art on Paper magazine and expanded into this little book of 23 letters from various established artists to a fictional younger artist. Fresh out of art school, our young artist asks his/her heroes this question: "Is it possible to maintain one's integrity and freedom of thought and still participate in the art world?" The answers are varied, some are funny (Gregory Amenoff: "Stay away from Art Fairs,"), some are encouraging (Joan Jonas: "The answer is the Work. To Work. To care about the Work.") and some are critical (From great photographer/known crankypants Stephen Shore: " may be using your moral dilemma as an excuse for not engaging in your work... Cut it out!"). Each artist approaches the question differently and it seems to me that you get a sense of who they are and how they work. For example, Adrien Piper cautions, "You will develop a reputation for being "difficult," "uncooperative," "inflexible," even "self-destructive;" and treated (or mistreated, ostracized, or blacklisted) accordingly." Nevertheless, I enjoyed and was inspired by this book. I get a strong feeling of community and support in these letters--several of them explicitly instruct our young artist to find and support like-minded fellow artists. "Good luck to us!" says Jimmie Durham. "I love you!" says Yoko Ono.

Buy directly from Art on Paper or your local cool bookstore.


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