I think the best magazines have a strong personality in control - of course, a strong personality can also make a magazine very bad. I'm utterly fascinated to see The September Issue, a documentary about Anna Wintour as she puts the fall fashion issue of Vogue together. American Vogue is an example of someone who has hacked their way into a position of power - but with little editorial (written) skill or any real art or fashion insight. She was never cool or ever fierce. Just a spoiled rich kid with an accommodating daddy (another clue to her success - she understands the Vogue readers who can afford the fashion all too well). Basically, it's all through the force of her personality that she bludgeons out a magazine. That's her only skill - BELIEVING in herself to the point that everyone else believes in her as well. She is a shining example of the power of self-confidence and delusion. It CAN make you successful - see this film and learn it well.

In the trailer she expresses an inane observation on a type treatment - which is very telling, since the type is so outrageously bad in Vogue - maybe the worst of any major (selling) magazine. Watch the process of how all the skills of designers, writers and photographers are crushed into the dust with a pointy heel - fashion crush porn!

Gasp, the Magrack of the Week is back! This stylish and easily assembled number can sit on the floor or be mounted to the wall. It might be great slid between couch and wall to make the most of limited space. Hung horizontally it doubles as a display shelf. Comes in red, black or white.

Available at DesignCode for €68.00


Go to Printed Matter for the launch party of Julie Schumacher and Rob Trostle's Brooklyn-based press Editions and its premier publication, The Best by artist Rachel Domm. 5-7PM on Thursday, July 23rd at Printed Matter, 195 Tenth Avenue in New York City.

If you are in Berlin, join The Pet Shop Bears and BUTT magazine tomorrow for another awesome BEER-B-Q! This time expect a special live PA from Erobique and his super-special guest, plus London's own Disco Bloodbath party crasher Dan Beaumont as well as your hosts, Justin Case and Open Mike. Out in the Biergarten, Rummelsnuff and Bernd Butz perform a extra-special Knopfaccordion set. Friday 24 July 2009 from 9-late at the Berghain Cuntine and Biergarten in Berlin.

Oooh! I almost missed this... The East Village Boys, as part of the Hot! Festival, present Bruce Benderson: a reading at 8:45pm at Dixon Place. Bruce Benderson is a writer and a PF favorite. Mr. Benderson's seventh book, The Romanian: Story of an Obsession, won France's prestigious literary award, the Prix de Flore. His new satirical novel, Pacific Agony, comes out with Semiotext(e)/MIT this fall. His most recent book is Sex and Isolation and contains his essays and articles from the last 10 years. Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie St., NY.

This Meet Your Printmaker exhibition at D.C.'s Washington Printmaker's Gallery closes this weekend. So if you are in the DC area, go to it and let us know how it was. For over a year Meet Your Printmaker has been compiling a directory of independent print/printmaking studios around the world through its blog. The work in this exhibition presents a selection of printed matter from 40 print/printmaking studios around the world. For more info and a list of participating studios, see above link. Washington Printmakers Gallery, 1732 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC.

Tonight Colophon presents The Future of Print at The Art Directors Club in New York. Speakers include Sophie Mörner, founder and publisher, Capricious; Emily Gordon, editor-in-chief, Print, and Jason Crombie, editor and founder, Woooooo!. The panel led by Andrew Losowsky, Co-curator, Colophon and Editor, We Make Magazines, will discuss what makes magazines special, the secrets to publishing success, the importance of creative independence, whether you can make money from a passion project, and what's next for print.

ADC Members - Free
Non Members - $5 at the door

Wednesday July 8, 2009
@ ADC Gallery
106 West 29th Street, NYC


Matt Idol, a.k.a. Matt Wobensmith, has opened a gallery/zine shop called Goteblüd in San Francisco's Mission District. The former Outpunk editor's first show, titled "Yes I am, but who am I really?," is a selection of queercore artifacts including: over 200 different zines, photos, flyers, posters, correspondence, clothing and skateboards of homopunk heroes. The show opens tomorrow, Saturday June 27th, from 6-8pm and will run through August. A full list of participating zines is here.

For more info, check the Goteblüd blog, the store's yelp entry, or drop by and visit them at 766 Valencia St., SF. Actually, if you drop by before we get a chance, email us and tell us what you think...

Above photo by P Paula P.

Jack Magazine (The Endless Hayride) was an irreverent art/lifestyle mag out of Sante Fe, New Mexico edited by Rick Maslow and Art Directed by Thomas Grignon that I bought at Tower Records in New York back in the 90's. It may very well have been created on a MAC, but it has a very crisp, pre-computer look to it. All the ads are for cigarettes and booze which is what this mag is all about - a 90's cocktail, vintage aesthetic, evoking a 50's magazine, with an arty, thrift store bent. Jack is even more endearing because it's not from New York, LA or London. Yes, there IS a rest of the world. More pics after the jump.

Continue Reading PF Collection: Jack Magazine (not the lame British one), 1997

Another Magazine's new issue with Tilda Swinton is online in it's entirety.

Did you know Index Magazine is back as an online magazine featuring all new content plus every interview EVER from the print version?

Doing everything online rather than printing is not necessarily better for the environment, FYI

Visual Finds: A collection of Penguin Sci-Fi Covers

Hot Coals Only by Peter Sutherland published by Seems Books. A collection of photography and prose.

Anomalies by Mårten Lange published by Farewell Books. Photographs that abstract everyday objects.

White Fungus Releases Issue 10 
My favorite is out... hard to find in the U.S, but worth the hunt. Perhaps they'll make current issues available on their site?

Photographer Melanie Bonajo's show As Thrown Down From Heaven opens tomorrow night at P·P·O·. Live musical performances and crazy outfits.

Thursday, May 14, 2009
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Gallery P.P.O.W
511 West 25th Street, Room 301 (between 10th and 11th Avenues)
New York, NY
Tel 212-647-1044

PERFORMERS: Hanayo, janneke Raaphorst, Berglind Agustsdottir, Halla Thordasdottir, Vera Sölvadottir, Joseph Marzolla, Voin's ghost

COSTUMES : Malgorzata Nowak, Philippe Clause, Arielle De Pinto

R&S is hustlin' baby! Ms. Keough has her work up now at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery till June 6th

Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery
526 W. 26th Street, No. 213
New York, NY 10001

Momus on one of the best newish Magazines, Apartamento

Ignatius's favorite drink

flickr finds: DJ Fey's lovely Pop bottle collection


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