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We're currently building our Print Fetish Resource Guide, a comprehensive listing of printing, publishing and distribution resources all over the world. So we're asking you, dear readers, to let us know about your favorite (smart, helpful, affordable) printers, classes, festivals and places to buy the coolest stuff. Let us know!

I find that actually, if you know about one, you usually don't even know that the other exists. Both do curated, limited edition projects incorporating interesting packaging, printing and/or accompanying objects. Arkitip is usually very affordable (the current issue is $25.00) while Visionaire's price is a bit extreme ($295.00 for the current issue), which is specifically meant to express the magazine as "luxury" item. But which is more successful creatively? Maybe your choice depends on what your aesthetic is - if your a fashion person, an art world person, a street art person?

Which is the better magazine as art object, Arkitip or Visionaire?

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I finally went to check out Desert Island in Brooklyn - probably the most mouth watering comi(x)cs store in New York city, the church of of the print fetishist! Desert Island is Printed Matter's playful cousin, focusing on indie comics, art zines, prints and artists books.


Like Printed Matter, the selection is impeccable, making it difficult to not spend money. Of course, even my broke ass had to buy stuff - but I also got a couple of awesome freebies, like Smoke Signal, a spectacular tabloid-sized collection of beautiful drawings and comics.

smoke signal at the printer!

PF favorite Luke Ramsey in Smoke Signal #1

I don't know when and where I've seen a better comics compendium in the last few years. Getting a FREE copy of Smoke Signal is enough reason to trek out to Desert Island - but I dare you to not find something worth buying.

Desert Island is located at 540 Metropolitan Ave.,
Brooklyn NY 11211

New releases from Hassla Books including Taciturn Heart, a collection of photos by by Marcelo Gomes and Woman With A Camera (35mm) by Anne Collier. A Book Signing for Anne Collier's Woman With A Camera (35mm) will be held Saturday, January 16, 2010, 5-7 PM at Printed Matter.

Seems Books publishes Paul Wackers Giving in to Live the Experience, a lovely collection of the artists paintings and drawings.

Also, one of our favorite art zines, White Fungus is holding an event at P.P.O.W 7PM tonight in New York launching it's 11th issue. P.P.O.W is located at: 511 West 25th Street, Room 301 (at 10th Avenue).

We have been reviewing wonderful books and zines from Microcosm Publishing for some time now. Not too long ago, I dropped by our old offices to pick up some mail and to my very happy surprise there were two large packages from Microcosm. They'd been sitting around long enough that we'd reviewed some of their contents already but I'd like to take this opportunity to say that nothing thrills me more than really good mail. So, thanks Microcosm! See our reviews here: Doris, the book; Dwelling Portably; Ker-bloom!.

There were two books in the package that we hadn't yet seen and they deserve some posting... In Search of the Lost Taste is a cookbook from Joshua Ploeg, traveling vegan chef extraordinaire. We've written about him before and are fans. This slim volume is full of well-crafted recipes for interesting fare such as lavender soda and soup in a pumpkin. It will remind any of us, not just vegans, to look beyond the basics and have some fun in the kitchen. It should also be noted that Aaron Renier did the cover.

Make Your Place: Affordable, Sustainable Nesting Skills is another small manual for good living. In it, Raleigh Briggs offers easy to use instructions for things like household cleaners, herbal salves and tinctures, how to compost and what to plant in your garden. The book is divided into three sections: Health and First Aid, Nontoxic Cleaning and Body Care and Gardening. Each recipe is detailed by adorable drawings and is accessible to even someone as spazzy as myself.

And now for the gift idea... While looking for the links for the above reviews, I discovered that Microcosm sells $20 "superpacks" on a variety of subjects, including veganism, queer stuff, bicycles and DIY crafts. For $20 you get a selection of zines on each topic. Perfect for your younger sibling who just went vegan or your neighbor who is obsessed with his bicycle, par example.

Order all this stuff directly from Microcosm or find select titles at your local cool bookstore.



Check out the preview for McSweeney's one-shot newspaper, The San Francisco Panorama. Exciting if it were to be a continuing paper, but it's only meant to express the possibilities that print newspapers can reach for... too bad no one will take them up on their advice and they'll all go out of business.

Check out photos of the last days at Gourmet Magazine and observe the dismantling of a dull and oppressive office space. I'm ambivalent about the mags demise, although I think Ruth Reichl is fabulous.

Check out Hard Print, a new blog dedicated solely to fag rags from AROUND THE WORLD, bitches.

I've always been jealous of Stack in England. Why can't we have that HERE!??! A random surprise indie mag in the mail every month! I think maybe I should start this myself...wait, WHAT!? Andrew already did? That jerk!

Seriously, though-this is the epitome of what PF is all about: independent, creative and passionate print. Screw reviews-with stack you can actually sample a variety of magazines that you might not know about or even be able to find locally. Do it! Buy a subscription NOW! Print Fetish commands it.

$71.99 gets you a years subscription to Stack, which sends you a different, gorgeous independent magazine every 2 months, with the occasional extra treat. This would be a FABULOUS x-mas gift. Just saying.

Check it out here!



Ms. Keough and I went to the NY Art Book Fair opening last night at P.S 1 (an amazing space, FYI)... but I could barely deal because I wanted to buy everything, but I'm broke! AAAAAAARG! However, I literally bought the very first things I picked up. I'm an impulse buyer! More on those delights later.

Plug: Check out my new image blog, Love is a Prelude to Sorrow

Flickr Finds: This is the guy who beat me out of copies of the fabulous Gentry Magazine

Fanzines in The Independent

A good selection of street art images at Designer Daily

Abe's Penny is a monthly micro-magazine from sisterly duo Anna and Tess Knoebel. They pair a writer with a photographer and mail out a story of words and pictures in the form of 4 weekly postcards. I love this idea. Each week a new piece of the story, a new clue. Plus we are guaranteed something interesting each time we trudge over to the PO Box. The issue we are currently receiving is 1.6 (August) and features photographs by Jim Henry and a poem by Elizabeth Hildreth, inspired by Jim's images. Also, issue 1.2 had photographs by PF pal Melanie Flood and September's will have work by Skye Parrott from Dossier Journal. Order your own from their website!

Cometbus #52 is out. And it's about St. Louis. I've been enjoying these single subject issues. Buy at a cool store or from Quimby's.

These Birds Walk's second installment of their Subscription Series is out this year. For background on this project, see our review of last year's series here. Each book (in a larger format this year) is by a different photographer. TBW allows that photographer full creative control of their contribution thereby ensuring these really wonderful and personal selections. This year's books are by Todd Hido, Marianne Mueller, Abner Nolan and Alec Soth. Hido's Ohio is the first book we received and in it he returns to his childhood home and first camera, editing together old images and ones taken during a recent return trip.

Likes and Dislikes has a second issue. We loved the first one--so check them both out!

The Fart Party's Julia Wertz edited a collection of illustrated missed connections from various local papers called I Saw You. There are so many great contributors, including PF favorites Janelle Hessig of Tales of Blarg! and Aaron Renier. Check the I Saw You blog or order from Amazon.

Way back when I began my homosexual career I marveled at the copies of Straight to Hell that could be found in the bathrooms of my new co-workers in homosexualism. Soon, I was snatching up all the fag zines of the early 90's I could find. Although I was fascinated by these various photocopied "queer-core" zines - I didn't relate to what they were talking about for the most part. "Punks" sometimes take themselves a little to seriously (my opinion at the time was that there were no such thing as punk anymore. Also, I was never into the term "queer" as a self identifier).

But then came Butt! It put everything that came before - beefcake digests, Straight to Hell, queer zines - into a new refined amalgamation. Butt taped into a zeitgeist of world-wide fag community that no one had even noticed existed. POST post-gay. Since Butt launched it seems that every little arty homo wants to put out a zine with hot naked "real" guys, usually digest sized. Here I've listed the ones I have - although I'm certain there are many, many more. Images and links after the jump!

Continue Reading All Butt's Children and Straight to Hell's Granbabies


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