Christina and Charles
By Austin English
Published by Sparkplug Comic Books
6" x 9" ; 76 pages
full color

Austin English's delightfully Art Brut (though, lets face it - outsider art isn't really outsider anymore) comic is a character study of Christina and Charles, two teenagers who might be friends if they actually met. Being overly illustrative can often hinder the emotional impact of comics - and English proves the effectiveness of simplicity. The childlike cover was a bold shock on the comic rack and caught my eye immediately. His "let's just get to it" story and art is immediate and lovely. The main characters stand before us telling us of blase events in much the same fashion as a teenager in life. Christina's words particularly seem as real and as well chosen as any of Enid and Rebecca's dialogue in Ghost World. Gorgeous Stuff.

Buy it at better comic stores or at Sparkplug Comics

Gay City


Welcome to Gayside
The Third Leg: G Brooks Takahashi, L Macdonald, O Hogan-Finlay
5.5 x 4.25 in book with 2 posters and a condom
Photocopied inside, silkscreen cover

Hilarious! Drawings of people staring lustily at sheep, rimming each other in pastoral scenes, and waving homo sweet homo flags are interspersed with gay and/or dirty parts of famous texts, like Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass and David Bell’s Eroticizing the Rural. Also there’s a free condom and a huge poster of New Brunswick redone with place names like Bull Dyke Run, Faggot Head, Cunt Berg, and Gaytona. This whole thing seems to be made in response to a town in Canada called Gayside who is planning on changing its name to Baytona because it’s sick of getting made fun of by the other towns.

You can buy it at Printed Matter. And read more about The Third Leg and their projects here.

Here We Be


Yes... I have a problem. I spend a lot of money on magazines. I fetishize them. I don't throw them away EVER. They become furniture and decoration. I could probably afford that operation if I gave them up. I keep all my receipts and add them up for tax season - it's truly disturbing. I have an excuse, I'm a designer - so "I have to keep up to date." Yeah. Well, now I have another excuse to write off my purchases... this blog. I can now spread the word on all the hidden treasures I love, and have a soapbox to debunk the supposed quality and slickness of some of the better selling magazines. I don't care about mainstream versus underground, or any outmoded dichotomies. I do care about the glut of crass consumerism and the current obsession with celebrity gossip thats creating landfills. So I'll try to inform you about work that is simply superb, wether it's big time or DIY. Buy art!

Good morning, and welcome to Print Fetish. My name is Sarah Forbes Keough and I'll be one of your editors. We stayed up all night getting the site ready to go and I'm embarrassed to admit, I'm sitting here reading US Weekly and drinking a soda. It's a rare moment, but strangely soothing this early in the morning. So this blog. I'm excited to share my magazine obsession with the world at large—to wax poetic about lil mini zines found behind shelves in bookstores, to point out and giggle over the embarrassing and unfortunate choices made by glossies, to talk about the craft of making books, magazines, and works of print art. So yeah... Let's get started.


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