Apollo Astro


Apollo Astro #9: The Journey of George
By Jack Turnbull
8.5" x 10.5; 32 pages
Silkscreen cover, Black and white photocopy interior

This is a lovely little handmade comic with a beautiful 3 color (one of them most notably being gold) cover from young Jack Turnbull, a student at RISD. The Journey of George is the whimsical tale of George Potato and his pal Veggie who are separated under dire circumstances. The story is whimsical, and perhaps not fully developed - but charming nonetheless, and Turnbull's expressive brushwork goes a long way in making this an entirely delightful read. Tremendous displayed on your favorite end-table.

you can buy Apollo Astro at the utterly convenient Catastrophe Shop.

Doris Book: Anthology 1991-2001
6.5"x8" 320 Pages
B/W Paperback

I just came across the website for my old friend and penpal Cindy Ovenrack Crabb. She's been doing a brilliant zine called Doris for the last 15 years. When I worked at Epicenter, my friend and I were serious fans and had every issue of Doris as well as all the little comics she made like "67 boyfriends" and the one about the ice cream shop. She came back to town around that time and started dropping by. We became friends after she showed up to a dinner at my house that wasn't happening, invited by a person who didn't live there.

All the issues of Doris have been collected and released as an anthology. It's so exciting! Everyone should read it. It really actually will make you laugh and cry. Cindy tells the fascinating stories of her life honestly, sweetly, and smartly and manages to include helpful tips, history and information on all manner of topics ranging from feminism and politics to travelling and making art. It's very close and immediate like a friend telling you stories and secrets but you also come away knowing all about the history of political collectives in Philadelphia or something like that.

Buy it from Cindy directly or from Microcosm Publishing.

I don't really throw magazines away - except for the occasional Vogue or W (which I only ever read when found in the trash, where they are meant to be). So having the right way to display them is of the utmost importance - after all, you have to make it easy for your guests to judge you. To help our fellow Print Fetishists we will be spotlighting a cute magazine rack or table every week.

Personally I wanted a rack that was a bit warmer looking than a lot of the metal ones you can find. I got the Kiri Wood Magazine Rack at Viva Terra, a store that specializes in eco-friendly housewares. It's extremely light, attractive and easy to mount - and for $69 bucks, a good deal. I primarily use it to display my 'zines and a few classy comics. The picture on the left is at my place.

Doing Bird is an art/fashion/music magazine. A wicked overdone combo that usually makes me yawn endlessly is covered very well here by smart Australians. Issue #11 is out now and has Cate Blanchett photographed by Terry Richardson on the cover. A Terry Richardson cover shot of an actor—how original and smart, you quip! But wait, JD Samson, Bat For Lashes, Jana Hunter, TK Webb, and Isa Genzken are also in there. Their site is under construction, so go look at their myspace.

Found Magazine is riveting. They print regular Found and Dirty Found each once a year and have also published a few books. When I get one, I can't put it down. Something about looking through other peoples' images, notes, letters, drawings, I can't get enough. A new issue hasn't come out in a while but check their website for news, touring information (they travel around and do presentations/shows), and the find of the day. $5 +S/H

Hamburger Eyes is a black and white photography magazine from San Francisco. All kinds of people from all over the place have photos in there. From cool kids like Tim Barber and Ed Templeton to various randoms and it's all mashed up together in full page borderless bleeding glory. $5

Big Questions


Big Questions
By Anders Nilsen
Published By Drawn and Quarterly
7" X 9" 48 pages
Full color cover, black and white inside

Big Questions by Anders Nilsen undoubtedly has the most beautiful covers of any comic out right now. The design is economical, yet completely romantic. Nilsen's drawing, elegant and simple, tells the story extremely effectively, even when there is little dialogue. The story focuses on a group of birds in a forest caught up in religious conundrums when a jet plane crashes into the house of the old woman who had fed them and kills her. They mistake the plane as some sort of great bird, and a grenade from it's wreckage as an egg. Big Questions is a children's book for adults, with shades of Watership Down, Winnie the Pooh and the Little Prince.

Issue #9 is out now in which the birds defend the sacred explosion site from scavenging crows and predators philosophize. Buy it at your favorite comic shop or order it from Quimby's - who also have certain back issues.

Down Under? Is that dorky? I think so. I apologize, it's early. I just came across some books from a small Australian press called Serps Press. So far they only have two titles but they are both beautiful. I recommend buying them right now.

Westside is a new book from photographer Conor O'Brien and chronicles his time living near the beach in Perth in lovely landscapes and portraits.

Homemade Tattoos Rule is a book of photographs by Thomas Jeffe which explore the aesthetics and techniques of homemade tattoos. After all, homemade is where the heart is. I feel like that's a quote from something. Is it? If you're interested in giving yourself a homemade tattoo—a practice i wholeheartedly endorse btw—check this out.

Butt Magazine


Butt Magazine
6.4 x 9.2 in, 76 pages
Black and white on pink paper

Not to sound too cool for school, but I've been into Butt since the beginning, though it's really caught on in the last two years, creating a hot-homo cultural explosion. Butt comes out of Amsterdam and is printed in black and white on pink matte paper utilizing a basic grid layout and only two fonts. This one-handed (heh) sized mag features interviews with famous, sub-famous homos and homos that aren’t particularly famous that the editors Gert and Jop find interesting, such as Dutch florist, ex-farmer Nard Weigmans (featured in Butt # 9). There are usually nude or partially nude photos of the cover star and photos and stories sent in from readers. The photo editing is impeccable – sexy, natural and sometimes playful. The photography has a documentary feel, but with contributors such as Wolfgang Tillmans and Andreas Larsson, its subjects are always presented with affection, fascination and often, humor. The interviews are warm and friendly, conveying a sense of personal familiarity and community, even and especially when they are dirty. When I open an issue of Butt - everything is right with the world. the ONLY magazine I NEVER miss buying.

The Butt boys, Gert and Jop, were in New York this past weekend for a book signing for their new book on the best from the first 5 years of Butt, and for a party at a questionable Manhattan (not in the good way) establishment. I went there for the most Butt of reasons, to check out and meet a cute boy. Each time they come to NY, the parties get more crowded as the tacky gays catch on - but it's still safe to say that Butt is an arbiter of cool.

Issue #18, with one of my current crushes on the cover, should be showing up anytime in better magazine stores as well as American Apparel stores all over the world.

Nur Hauptlinge Und Keine Indianer
Linus Bill
Black and white photocopy/stapled
8.5 x 5.5 in

Ok, I have no idea what that means. And our resident German left her phone on the back of the toilet this morning. I’ll let you know when I find out. I bought this because there’s a photograph of a tough looking fellow in a homemade dress and tights on the cover. He’s staring very evenly at the camera but his pose is sweet—hands in lap, legs crossed. Following inside are what appear to be some drunk Germans with their pants half off hanging around Hamburg. The photos are pleasant enough and there are a few stand-outs. My advice: Pay attention to the odd details, they make the pictures.

You can buy this at Printed Matter or you can buy another book of his called Piss Down My Back And Tell Me It's Raining here. Good title, Linus!

AND I just came across this selection of a ton of awesome looking German zines at Telefon Til Chefen. Since my German skills are powerfully lacking, I have no idea if you can buy these from the site or not. I did find some at Hamburger Eyes' Photographic Institute of Epicness. Even without an online shop, there's plenty of cool stuff to look at on their site.

UPDATE: haha. ok, the German finally came home and was like dude, that second site is Danish! Ooops. But anyway. She said it's a gallery and they have a lot of books and zines. So enjoy.

We crush on a lot of magazines, but we can't afford to buy all of them all the time. The magazines we love in our side-links are the magazines we try to get as often as possible. All this week we'll be focusing on them (like the bit on Capricious below), and around the first of the month we'll give you a heads up on what's going on with their current issues.

Acne Paper focuses on the relationship between mentor and protégé, in which renowned British photographer Snowdon portrays the people of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - $7.99

ANP Quarterly has beautiful 80's skater kid photos and profiles graphic designer and illustrator Geoff McFetridge - free

Arthur Magazine is starting to improve with its best designed issue yet; profile on Joanna Newsom; comic book genius and mage Alan Moore muses on pornography - free

The Believer's Jan/Feb is the The 2006 Visual Issue, with essays on Ralph Eugene Meatyard, an interview with Matthew Barney and a conversation with Steven Heller - $10

Butt has a new book out as well as a new issue; interviews with John Cameron Mitchell, porn director and cheek sucker Michael Lucas and the biennial Casey Spooner Interview; hot and hilarious photos of furry chested country boy Jason Whipple by Miguel Villalobos

Fantastic Man, though beautiful, troubles us with the inclusion of a Bruce Webber (shudder) photo spread and story on Helmut Lang (that part doesn't trouble us), but we forgive them because of a rare interview with elusive The Fall front-man, Mark E. Smith. There are also very gay (in a good way) mustache and man-bag photo spreads. $19.99 (very worth it)

Be Capricious!


Capricious Magazine
New York and points beyond
7.75 x 10.5
full color, perforated pages

I’d heard about the first issue of Capricious magazine for a while before I saw it and liked what I heard. A magazine made by some photographers that printed work by emerging photographers from all over the world, including a few people I knew—photographer Melanie Bonajo was on the cover with a cucumber and some cotton pads strapped to her face. And the almost total absence of text! And the perforated pages! Those were the big hits with everyone who insisted I find this magazine. But I didn’t see it until I wandered into a party at its office to take advantage of the open bar. I grabbed some drinks and a free copy then boozily accosted its editor, Sophie Morner, telling her how cool I thought the mag was. Then I grabbed a few more beers and another free copy and ran off again. After that embarrassing encounter, I continued to buy the magazine and run into those involved at various events. The issue out now is #4, The Light Issue. Light, I guess, is the unifying theme but you could say that about all photographs. The editor’s note from guest editor Emma Reeves says the common thread is an unsettling feeling that each photographer has chosen to reflect in their own way. Stand-outs for me are: These odd bright self portraits by Jesper Uvelius, they are seething under the surface in some way. The strange distance and pretty light in Jay Hanna’s observations of others’ lives. Ric Bower’s stiff group portraits with strips of fluorescent light.

Buy Capricious at arty bookstores or Amazon. And look on their site for submission guidelines for the next issue.


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