skupre.jpgGood morning! I went out last night to various parties and events, including the release party for the new issue of LTTR. I just woke up to post the pictures and tell you about it but I'm having camera problems and will have to figure that out first.

So in the meanwhiles, here is a large book (264 pages, black and white) full of crazy sharpee drawings by this guy Mike Giant who writes graffiti, skateboards, draws, and does a blog for fecal face. Included in the book are his zines Pagina Vilot, Shim Rot, Flood Bart, and Dairy Hicks. As well as a new one called Passive Moles. Expect to see funny wordplay, tattoo style drawings, weird little characters, religious icons, and graffiti and stuff. Buy the book at arty bookstores, or Last Gasp, or direct from the man himself.

Sassy Article


psychic.jpg Check out this little something something article about Sassy on Women's Wear Daily's site. It discusses the upcoming book by former Sassy editors - that we shall definitely be reading and discussing.

Link via Brassmonkey

dirtyhands.jpgDirty Hands, A Group Print Show
Cinders Gallery
Brooklyn, NY
December 13-January 11, 2006

Ralph and I wandered around Thursday night drinking coffee and looking in bookstores. We ended the evening at Cinders Gallery on Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg. Cinders is a gallery which doubles as a store selling affordable and sometimes wearable art (from silk screen prints to handmade scarves). The Dirty Hands Show was opening that night and was full of new work by artists who make prints. From what I could tell most of the work was silkscreen stuff. Some of the show's stand-outs are: Julian Langendorff's etchings, the Bongout silkscreens, Marc Bell's etching and watercolors, and Ryan Jacob Smith's silkscreens.

Photos of the gallery after the jump...

Continue Reading Dirty Hands Show @Cinders Gallery

dinerjournal.jpgThere are many reasons why I always end up going to Diner. The most important of which include: proximity to my apartment, pork chops, good wine, the fact that at any given time at least one person I know works there, neighboring oyster bar / store with local organic / artisenal / hippy / homemade interesting food items for sale like someone's dad's beef jerky and ginger ice cream and pizzas, cheese plate, did I say pork chops?, the perfect burger, lovely simple soups, cute bathrooms.

Ok, I'm sorry, I got carried away. This isn't my food blog. But I did have a point. The diner people have just started putting out a journal called, oddly enough, Diner Journal. It's cute. My favorite part is the scans of waiters' notes on the specials. Caroline Fidanze, their chef, and Elizabeth Schula, the pastry chef, compiled a nice collection of seasonal recipes including pork chops and pork stew. Yum. There are also articles on hot sauce and pickle making and local farms who supply Diner with some of their ingredients. Fall 2006 is out now and Winter 2007 is at the printer. Email Diner for information or drop by the restaurant. Also check out the blog by their grocery buyer for funny food tips and notes.

Whew - we're starting our second week! God. Apparently we love the gays... and the Germans. I hadn't even noticed, but I guess it's true. People are starting to notice, but what we're REALLY waiting for is hate mail and endless ranty comments. Please accommodate us.

One of my inspirations for this blog is the legendary Factsheet 5, a 'zine that had an incredible listing of 'zines, alternative mags and books, that ran through the 80's and 90's. Before the internet, Factsheet 5 informed an incredibly diverse group of creative people all around the country about each other. It wasn't about profit or networking - it was about community. Factsheet 5 disappeared in 1998 - the same year I got my first email address, started reading peoples personal websites, and started thinking bigger (making money, full color) about publishing. But now I'm thinking bigger AND smaller all at once and am thrilled by the announcement on the Factsheet 5 website that it will re-launch in 2006. But wait, the year is almost up! Let's hope we hear more soon.



Matthias Herrmann
Published by Art Metropole
6.3" x 4.72", 46 pages
Full Color

Those Germans. Matthias Herriman's photographs are bold, shameless, sometimes disturbing and often hilarious. He's an ex-dancer with a fabulous body who stars in his own photos. His cock is also a major subject, really as a separate character to himself. He is also the president of Secession, an institute of contemporary art in Vienna. It's awesome to see someone in that kind of position in the art world not taking himself, or "art" so seriously. According to his Butt interview he actually prefers presenting his work in books rather than exhibits - an opinion we totally share.

His book Hotel_Tricks is available at Art Meropole (as are his other books).

These blogs are immensely entertaining and informative. Please do click them.

Fiveoclockbot - Jason

Team Murder - Brian

Going Somewhere - Aren

Grass Roots Modern - affordable furniture and housewares design

Graffiti Research Lab - open source tools for urban communication

The Wooster Collective - a site dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.

Tropolism - Sort of news, opinions on architecture, love cities.

On The Road


xiubook.jpgXiu Xiu Tour Diary #4
5.5" x 8.5"; 30 pages
Color photocopy

Shirtless in front of a motel with razor in hand, stopping on the side of the road to lick a giant ice cream cone, zoning out in odd positions in back seats, playing shows in rooms with low ceilings, eating gross food, acting spazzy in other peoples' apartments, studying bathroom and bar graffiti, spending weeks with the same group of people but also meeting new ones every night, just going along with whatever happens. I love tour. And I love tour diaries. Photographer David Horvitz's diaries document the last four Xiu Xiu tours. He prints them on an Epson inkjet on double-sided matte paper. They are thick and look fantastic and bright. He also has polaroids and other cool looking projects for sale on his site.

Print Liberation is a printmaking and design studio in Philadelphia. You've probably seen some of their fun designs on the T-shirts they do for Urban Outfitters (don't hold that too much against them). I'm particularly into their bright typographical silk-screen posters. All the posters are 18" x 24", signed and numbered - a total steal at 25.00 bucks. Hey - anybody listening: the poster pictured would make a great x-mas present to me.

Psychic Soviet


psychic.jpgIan Svenonius
The Psychic Soviet
300 pages

This book is nuts. I just picked it up yesterday and, I confess, I'm not quite finished with it but I'll talk about it anyway. I bought it because I've read some of Ian Svenonius' writing in Index before and was also a total fan of Nation of Ulysses and a mostly fan of The Make-Up, PLUS the book has a durable, all weather, pink plastic cover that smells really good.

Let me say it again, this book is nuts. In the intro, Svenonius says, "This volume should clear up much of the confusion regaring events of the last millenium—artistic, geo-political, philisophical, et. al." And a reader from Amazon says in her review, "Vampirism, vodka and dialectical materialism are stimulating topics, but this set of essays reads like a half-baked dissertation written by a precocious over-medicated narcissist. Often verbose and incomprehensible--I highly recommend it." So far I am in agreement. Anyone else have any thoughts?


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