blargcoverjanelle.jpgAfter two long weeks away, I am finally back in New York. I got in late late and had a dinner date at diner with my pal. It's so nice to be home! While eating, a friend came up asked where I'd been. When I said San Francisco, she was like wow yeah you look really San Francisco'd out—maybe it's your hair. I think maybe it's because I needed a shower and had been wearing the same clothes for days. Speaking of dirty hair, tight jeans, and San Francisco... Among the collection of great bay area zines and books I picked up at the awesome Needles and Pens was a new issue of Tales of Blarg! In the past, Janelle Hessig, zinester, comic artist and punk rock personality, has brought us such gems as a recipe for the poor woman's daquiri, crazy dance moves like the shopping cart and the sprinkler, and crusty punk haiku. This new issue doesn't disappoint with features like "Ugly People I Want To Do It To" and "Shitting is the New Crying." Yay Tales of Blarg! Someone on the Needles and Pens site so wisely put it: "Tales of Blarg is great - It's like Sex and the City for 30 year old punk chicks." Now I'm just waiting for a collection of issues of Jank (a single folded page of hilarity from Janelle and a fellow named Jeff Jank. Janelle, if you're reading, send us some JANK!

coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpgToggle is great l'il art magazine in PDF form that you can print out yourself and staple together if you are so inclined. The magazine is a collaboration between Jackamotta and Thinkmule, two artists who went back and forth creating pages in response to the others work. Lovely Freehand drawing/collage mixed media work - the children of graffiti, Dave Mckean and Robert Rauschenberg.

Craphound #6


craphound6.jpgCraphound #6
Show & Tell Press
104 pages
Full size
B/W offset inside, color cover

I love Craphound. I can look at it for hours. Each issue has a theme and contains pages packed with scanned images culled from catalogues, obscure books, ads, and who knows where else. This one is about death, telephones, and scissors. The last one was hands, hearts, and eyes. Take a close look, savor it. It's smart, funny, hypnotic, and if you're into that sort of thing, full of tattoo ideas! Chloe from Reading Frenzy in Portland is now publishing Craphound and I hear issue 7 is in the works. The theme: Church and State.

Buy it at arty bookstores, or from Reading Frenzy, or Atomic Books.

For more information about Craphound and Sean Tejaratchi, check out this long review/interview in PingMag.

coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpgComing Out The Front Door for The Ninth Ward
By Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club
Published By The Neighborhood Story Project
8'' x 9'', 248 pages

A "social and pleasure club" in N.O is a small "krewe" that marches through the neighborhood for special occasions or just to create a random joyous occasion. Actually, all the social and cultural implications that a krewe embodies is far too engaging and complex to go into here... fortunately The Neighborhood Story Project in New Orleans has published a collection of stories from the members of The Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club who lived in the Ninth Ward, specifically the Desire Housing Projects. The Book, Coming Out The Front Door for The Ninth Ward, details the members lives in the year after hurricane Katrina. This tremendous work is an essential reminder of the cultural power and beauty of New Orleans.

Buy the book at The Neighborhood Story Project's site.

Keeping it WET


wet128101.jpgHere are some links to a few full issues of awesome LA new wave magazine WET. This one is from 1981 and features side by side interviews with Johnny Rotten and a young David Lee Roth and some great stuff on xerox art. Plus the whole thing, even the ads, looks amazing. This page has two issues from 1978 up on their site. And this page has a cover gallery.

[from ryan, via boingboing]

Mollusk #3


mollusk3.jpgMollusk #3
96 pages , 19 x 27 cm.
Limited edition 1000 ex.

After seeing an earlier post where we mention the Swedish/French artist duo Bongôut, a friend suggested we check out their magazine, Mollusk. I contacted them and they so nicely and promptly sent me some copies. Mollusk is an ad free art jounal that mostly shows full pages of work by artists from around the world. There is some text about the artists and some interviews in both English and French. This issue covers a wide range from an interview with G.G. Allin's brother Merle about his serial killer art collection to a French guy named Medhi Hercberg who makes cool drawings and sweatshirts. When I looked up Medhi's website, I saw that he's putting on a show with Eats Tapes, my friends from San Francisco. Small world! Other highlights from the issue are photographs by Solange Reboul, an article about German outsider artist Engelbert Kievernagel, and stencils by Polish group M-City.

Buy the magazine directly from Bongôut.

coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpg I'm endlessly trolling the internet for things I might want but don't need. I obsessively look through Most people don't realize that the coolest thing about Overstock is that they have quite a bit of handmade furniture and objects from all over the world - like this Mango wood magazine rack from Indonesia. This would look warm and inviting in a large apartment or office, adding a tropical, colonial library feel. Now on sale for only $46.99 (plus $2.95 shipping).

Scam #5 1/2


hunts.jpgThere was a time when I used to be so psyched every time a new issue of Scam came out. When I was done reading the thick tome packed with gleefull and hilarious tales of corner punk shows, late night swimming, and other adventures I'd get a little sad knowing that it'd be a long time before the next one. Each issue was always full of good survival tips for the broke, bored, restless and fabulous. I'd almost forgotten about Iggy until the other day while Christmas shopping on Valencia St. with my mom I came across Scam #5 1/2: the Hunt's Donuts Story. It's a slim volume, especially by Scam's usual standards, that tells the story of the intersection of 20th and Mission and the old donut shop that once stood there. I used to be a fan and late night Hunt's donut customer myself--the best time to go was 4am for a warm glazed donut fresh from the oven. My family has also lived in the Mission since my grandfather was a kid. Iggy's entertaining and well researched little book tells the Hunt's story, which really is the story of the neighborhood itself.

Buy it here, punk!



Prince in talks 2 develop music magazine for U. It also says the mag will feature the purple one's photography! I can't wait to see.

[wwd, via gawker]

coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpgThe 2nd Cannons website has been advertising the upcoming Julie Lequin book for a while. First it was supposed to be out by summer, then fall, now they're hoping for sometime this winter. So instead of actually finishing the book, Julie made a video detailing the reasons why it isn't finished. What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of it. Usually when I'm avoiding my deadlines (sorry to all my editors past and present), I turn off my phone, have nachos delivered, and read magazines on the couch all day. Then I clean the apartment, thinking I can't work without a clean space in which to think. Then I get bored with that and go see a movie.


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